Wilhelmy Plate
735.00 735.00 735.0 USD
-Material: Platinum/Rhodium alloy
-Width: 23.85mm ± 0.05mm
-Thickness: 0.15mm ± 0.02mm
-Height: about 10mm (plate section) / about 52mm (from plate bottom to hook)
-Weight: about 900mg
KY775 DYseries DuNouy Ring
710.00 710.00 710.0 USD
DuNouy Ring for DY series tensiometers (DY300,DY500,DY700)
Fisher No. 14-812-5 DuNouy Ring
745.00 745.00 745.0 USD
Fisher No. 14-812-5 DuNouy Ring; Tensiomat20, Tensiomat21etc
CSC Precision Tensiometer DuNouy Platinum Ring
720.00 720.00 720.0 USD
70537000; CSC DuNouy Precision Tensiometer Platinum Ring
Kruss DuNouy Platinum Ring
750.00 750.00 750.0 USD
Kruss DuNouy Platinum Ring
KYTeflon Plate option for DY-300
200.00 200.00 200.0 USD
KYTeflon Plate: Teflon Plate option for DY-300
Surface Energy Kit
1,545.00 1,545.00 1545.0 USD
KYSEK; Surface Energy Kit
Pendant Drop Kit
2,046.67 2,046.67 2046.67 USD
KYPDK; Pendant Drop Kit
FAMAS Add-in Surface Free Energy Analysis
1,042.00 1,042.00 1042.0 USD
FAMAS Add-in Surface Free Energy Analysis
FAMAS Add-in Pendant Drop
0.00 0.0 USD
FAMAS Add-in Pendant Drop
FAMAS Add-in Extension/Contraction Method
0.00 0.0 USD
FAMAS Add-in Extension/Contraction
Automatic Surface Tensiometer, DyneMaster DY-700
51,850.00 51,850.00 51850.0 USD
High-end surface tensiometer that performs measuring dynamic contact angle and powder contact angle, lamella length and liquid density in addition to surface/interfacial tension.

-Fully automatic operation by single command button
-Built-in stirrer functions in the stage
-Dynamic contact angle (advancing/receding angle) measurement by Wilhelmy method (Option of DY-700)
-Powder contact angle measurement to evaluate wetting phenomena of powder samples (Option of DY-700/500))
-Lamella length measurement
-Liquid density measurement by pycnometer

>Typical applications:
-Dynamic contact angle for evaluating coating properties
-Powder contact angle for evaluating wettability, dispersiveness of powder sample
-Lamella length for evaluating foaming stability of coating agents

>System Includes:
Main body built in thermometer, jacket type stage, magnetic stirrer and built-in calibration system with Platinum plates (x2), Glass lab dishes for surface tension (x2), built in Level, Alcohol lamp, Forceps, and Operation manual.

>Software Included:
-Main DYNALYZER Software for performing all basic operations including surface and interfacial tension tests.
-DYNALYZER add-in Powder measurement software
-DYNALYZER add-in Dynamic contact angle measurement software

>Measurement methods: Surface/Interfacial tension, Dynamic contact angle, Powder contact angle & wetting speed, Lamella length measurement, Liquid density measurement (Pycnometer)
>Measurement range of S.T.: 0~100 mN/m (balance capacity & displaying range: 0~1000mN/m
>Measurement accuracy: 0.02 mN/m
>Resolution: 0.01 mN/m
>Stage speed, stroke: 0.002~50 mm/s, 50mm
>Standard measurement unit: platinum plate
>Optional measurement unit & kit: Platinum DuNouy Ring, Density measurement kit, Dynamic contact angle measurement kit, Powder contact angle measurement kit
>Measurement temperature: Ambient ~ 150 degree C (Heater type), 10~70 degree C (jacket type)
>External Dimensions: 295(W) x 415(D) x452(H) mm
>Weight: about 23kg
>Electric power: AC100-240~50/60Hz

Automatic Dispenser System
4,444.25 4,444.25 4444.25 USD
AD-300S; Automatic Dispenser System for DM-CE1
Glass Lab dish for Interfacial Tension
67.00 67.00 67.0 USD
Lab dish for measurement of Interfacial Tension between liquid and liquid. Capacity 100mL, φ60×45(H)mm, 2 each
Alcohol Lamp
48.00 48.00 48.0 USD
KY796: KY796; Alcohol Lamp
1 cc Teflon Lab Dish
90.00 90.00 90.0 USD
KY779: 1 cc Teflon lab dish - Surface option for DY-300
Ring Reformer for DY-300 Du Nouy Ring
591.00 591.00 591.0 USD
KY776: Ring Reformer option for DY-300
Jacket-Type Stage Set option for DY-300
2,032.00 2,032.00 2032.0 USD
KY763: Jacket Type Stage Set option for DY-300
Heater Type Stage System option for DY-300
5,762.00 5,762.00 5762.0 USD
KY762: Heater Type Stage System option for DY-300
Surface thermometer φ1.6 ST-3
1,818.65 1,818.65 1818.65 USD
KY7096: Surface Thermometer 1.6, ST-3 option for DY-300