Aquapal III Moisture Analyzer w/ Standard Glassware

Aquapal III Moisture Analyzer W/ Standard Glassware:
Coulometric Titrator Standard Glassware Tests according to ASTM D4928, D1533, D1744, and equivalent methods. CE approved Manufacturer.

Unit ready for operation includes:

- Built-in printer with standard paper that backs up a test with hard copy results.
- Verify test at any time with printout including mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation.
- Speed is 2 mg/minute
- Test range from 1ppm to 100%
- Sensitive to 0.1 ug
- Calculations in Weight, volume or dilution
- Automatic Drift Correction
- Results printed in ppm -% - ug
- Standard RS232C output
- Small lab foot print 14" x 8"
- Portable (field Use)

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