Phoenix-MT (A) Contact Angle Analyzer

- MAX Sample size : 400mm(W) x 150 mm(H) x ∞(D)
- 12x Zoom lens, USB3.0 type Digital CMOS camera
- 640x 480 Pixel resolution, Frame rate: Max 500 frame/sec
- Light source : White LED module ,Camera module tilting adjuster
- Contact angle measure range : 0-180 degree,±0.1deg Accuracy
- Surfaceware9 Software for static and dynamic contact angle &
Surface energy, Surface tension by Pendent drop method,
D-base function, Data comparing function, Exact drop volume calculator Auto avoid image noise of measuring, Analyzed data export to excel., etc Advanced.
“One drop” function, Able to measuring at the same time
Drop volume control by software(Per 0.1 μℓ by glass syringe)
- Standard accessories : Syringe (3ml:10ea), Needle(27G,22G:10ea/each ), Manual, Calibration images(30, 60, 120±0.5degree)
- USB connect to Desktop PC or Notebook (Window 7/8/10)
-Device dimension : 600mm(W)x160mm(D)x550mm(H

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