Phoenix-MT(M) Contact Angle Analyzer

-Camera capture speed: 640x480resolution 500FPS (USB 3.0)

-Static Contact Angle (Tangent line method 1 & 2, Trigonometric function):
Accuracy; ±0.1degree
Resolution; ±0.01degree
Range; 0~180°
Data Information; Average contact angle, left contact angle, right contact angle, drop
volume, height, baseline length, base area, measured time, wetting energy, spreading
coefficient, work of adhesion

-Dynamic Contact Angle: Tilting method (OPTIONAL)
Accuracy; ±0.1degree
Resolution; ±0.01degree
Range; 0~90°
Data Information; Work of adhesion, Advance angle, Receding angle, Hysteresis,
drop volume, etc.,

-Surface Tension: Pendant drop method
Accuracy; ±0.1mN/m
Resolution; ±0.01mN/m
Range; 1~1000mN/m
Data Information; Drop volume, Surface tension

-Surface Free Energy:
(A) G.G.F.Y: (Accuracy ±0.1mN/m) (Resolution ±0.01mN/m) (Data Information,
Surface free Energy)
(B) Owens-Wendt (Accuracy ±0.1mN/m) (Resolution ±0.01mN/m) (Data
Information, Surface free energy, Dispersive value and Polar value)
(C) Lewis[Acid/Base] (Accuracy ±0.1mN/m) (Resolution ±0.01mN/m) (Data Information, Surface free Energy, Dispersive, Polar, Acid, base value

-Capture Speed: CCD, (Range 0~500FPS) (Data Information, Basic supplied is 500FPS)

-Machine Vision Resolution: (Range 640x480) (Data Information, Basic supplied is 640x480)

-Data Export Method: Two modes of Excel export, BMP, CSV file

-Data Save Method: Save as .SZX and Excel

-Sample Stage: Fixed Stage (no movement on X,Y axis)

-Device Dimension: Comes with Standard size (small and custom size is available)

-Power Consumption: 1.LED : 8.64W

-Power: 110/220V(50/60HZ)

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