Automatic Surface Tensiometer, DyneMaster DY-300, with Computer

This instrument is specified for determining interfacial tension of oil against water by the ring method in ASTM Method D971 and solutionsof surface-active agents in ASTM Method D1331. It is also specified for testing synthetic rubber lattices in ASTM Method D1417 and determing the surface tension of industrial water and industrial wastewater in ASTM Method D1590 (To name a few).

Main unit, Laptop PC, software provided on CD, Platinum plate or DuNouy Ring (choose 2), Glass lab dishes for surface tension (x2), Calibration weights (200mg x2), built in Level, Alcohol lamp, Forceps, and operation manual.

◆ ­Fully automatic operation by single command button
­◆ ­For QC use, repetition of measurement can be preset
­◆ ­For surface solutions, graph of variations over time can be plotted
­◆ ­For R&D use, functions of graph overwriting and data converting to a spreadsheet can be prepared
◆ ­­Measurements of lamella length and liquid density are available in addition to surface/interfacial tension

• ­Surface Tension (static mode)
• ­Surface Tension (dynamic variations over time)
­• ­Surface Tension (high viscous material)
­• ­Lamella Length

• ­Surface Tension: evaluating detergency of detergents, wettability of coating agents
• ­-Interfacial Tension: evaluating emulsification property of water/oil
­• ­Lamella Length: evaluating foaming stability of coating agents
• ­Liquid Density: measuring density of liquids

­• ­Measurement Method: Wilhelmy Plate method and or DuNouy Ring method
­• ­Measurement Range: 0~100 mN/m *Balance capacity and displaying range 0~1000 mN/m
• ­­Measurement Accuracy: 0.2 mN/m
­• ­Resolution: 0.01 mN/m
• ­Stage Speed: 0.1~1 mm/s
­• ­Measurement Temperature: Ambient~150 degrees C (Heater type stage system)10~70 degrees C (Jacket type stage set with hot/cold water circulator 4VT)
­• ­Software: Standard: Surface/Interfacial tension, Lamella length, Liquid density
• ­Detecting Parts: Standard: Platinum plate
• ­Option: Platinum ring, Pycnometer for density, Accessory for sedimentation
­• ­External Dimensions: 255(W)x307(D)x369(H) mm
• ­Weight: about 12.5kg
­• ­Electric power: AC100­240~50/60Hz 35W 75VA

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