High-temperature probe for QTM-700 series


PD-31N High-temperature probe for QTM 700 series

Thermal conductivity is measured by "sandwiching" the sample material between the heater and the temperature sensor. The PD-31N is a conventional type of sensor but with additional capabilities to allow the measurement of thermal conductivity with higher temperature ranges.
-New Materials
-Heat insulation materials

-Optional high-temperature probe; #K1206479 / PD-31N High-temperature probe
>Measurement range: 0.06 ~ 5W/(m K)
>Dimensions: 110(w) x 50(d) x 100 (h) mm
>Measurment tempeature: -100 ~ 1,000 degree C
>Measuremnt time: 60 seconds
>Sample size: 100x50x20 mm or more 2 pieces

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