Evaporator for Ores


ADP-512 High Heat Evaporator for Ores for Karl Fischer

1) Measurement for micro amount of water is least affected from ambient moisture because the movement of
sample boat is controlled by magnet, operated outside the sealed heating unit, and thus accurate and reliable
results are assured.
2) The newly designed electric furnace operates in a wide range of degrees from room temperature up to 1000°C,
featuring relatively short warm-up time, taking approximately 30 minutes for temperature rise as well as for
equilibrium respectively.
3) PID control by the built-in thermostat provides an accurate and stable oven temperature.
4) The safety while working on the electric oven is secured because the maximum temperature over the oven
surface is always kept under 70°C.
5) The built-in excessive heat prevention unit is another safety measures with a thermometer in it, which is
separate from the sensor for temperature control.
6) This evaporator is equipped with two types of electric furnace (for low temperature and for high temperature),
which enables measurement for hygroscopic water as well as combined water without taking the sample out
of the oven.

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