6 Position Sample Changer


CHA-700 : Automatic Titrator Multiple Sample Changer

1)Compact Design; This changer can be placed on top of the AT-700/710. You will see how compact it is: equipment width – 365mm.
2)Six-rack Model or Eleven-rack Model; Six racks for samples plus one more rack for immersion cleaning. Holds beakers of 250mL or 200mL.
Eleven-rack model: Holds containers of φ46mm, such as 50mL beakers or 100mL disposable cups.
3) Optional Electrode Cleaning Available; Optional electrode cleaning system can be connected for shower cleaning of electrodes. Furthermore, for six-rack model, shower cleaning (nonaqueous) of electrodes and drain samples from the beaker is available.
4) Different Measurement Methods from One Rack to Another; Individual settings can be made for each rack, which enables you to easily perform measurements of several different

-Sample Container options; 250mL beaker, 200mL disposable cup, 250mL beaker or 200mL beaker. Additional options include;
100mL disposable cup, 50mL beaker, 100mL beaker or 100mL tall beaker
-Cleaning; Dipping in beaker at fixed position / Shower cleaning (option)
-Rinse Solution; Pure water , alcohol, etc.
-Stirring Device; Propeller stirrer
-Sequence setting; Set from Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
-Sequence control; 1)Auto : started by Automatic Potentiometric Titrator / 2)Manual : operated from Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
-Power Supply; DC24V 1.9A(Main unit) AC100-240V 10% 50/60 Hz(Comes with AC Adapter)
-Dimensions; 365 (W) × 443(D) × 315 (H) mm
-Weight; Approx. 8kg
-CE Marking; EMC : EN61326 / LVD : Conforming to EN61010-1

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