EVA MS-R PLUS (9 Holes)
6,937.00 6,937.00 6937.0 USD
Peltier type temperature control device.
Temperature range +17°C to +45°C.
Support for 9 simultaneous samples.
Can accommodate two instruments.

REGULAR PRICE: $ 6,937.00
EVA MS-DIN Plus Air Peltier (+5°C to +65°C)
5,937.00 5,937.00 5937.0 USD
Temperature control by Peltier. No progression. Temperature Range: +5°C to +65°C.
Compatible with First Plus, RM 100, RM 200, and DSR 500.
For use with MS-DIN, MS-SV, MS-ULV, and MS-Chocolate spindles.