• Aquapal
  • KEM 500/600
  • KEM 710
Zeolite tube
K430-0053: Zeolite tube
15.25 15.25 USD
Zeolite Tube
K12-01260-01:K12-01260-01; Zeolite Tube
18.67 18.67 USD
Zeolite (500g) (Molecular Sieves 04174-75)
61-00258; Zeolite (98-810-3412)
89.26 89.26 USD
Waste bottle stand
K433-0018: Waste bottle stand
215.07 215.07 USD
Waste bottle cover
K433-0021: Waste bottle cover
59.74 59.74 USD
Waste bottle
K433-0083: Waste bottle
93.19 93.19 USD
Waste Liquid Bottle (500mL)
K120440301: K120440301; Waste Liquid Bottle (500mL)
126.00 126.0 USD
Washing bottle
K1204251 (K500-3134): Washing bottle
18.64 18.64 USD
Heater tube
K1202700 (K433-0015): The warming tube delivers the moisture from the evaporator to the titration cell. The heated tube helps to prevent condensation and moisture interference during delivery of moisture.
661.00 661.0 USD
Ware Washer
Ware Washer
2.00 2.0 USD
Viscous sampler
K740-3030: Viscous sampler
322.61 322.61 USD
Vapor proof cover for 18 samples
K710-148: Vapor proof cover for 18 samples
716.89 716.89 USD
Vapor proof cover for 12 samples
K710-048: Vapor proof cover for 12 samples
716.89 716.89 USD
USB Serial Transducer US232R-10
640017700; USB Serial Transducer US232R-10; converts RS232 to USB
97.00 97.0 USD
USB Cable (A-A) 0.9m for connecting MCU with add'l titrators
K640064333; USB Cable (A-A) 0.9m for connecting MCU with add'l titrators
21.00 21.0 USD
Twin platinum electrode for Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator
K12-03755-01 (K103-M714): Twin platinum electrode. Volumetric Karl Fischer Detector Electrode
505.00 505.0 USD
Twin platinum detector electrode (coulometric)
K1203755 (K103-M713): Twin platinum electrode - Coulometric Karl Fischer Detector Electrode
520.00 520.0 USD
Twin Platinum Electrode For Mks-210
K103-M711:Twin Platinum Electrode For Mks-210
518.52 518.52 USD
Tube, gas purge
K521-0045: Tube
7.17 7.17 USD
K433-0076: Tube
155.33 155.33 USD