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Portable Brix Meter
Measuring range: 0.0 ~ 85.0 Brix %
Precision: ±0.2 Brix %
Minimum Resolution: 0.1 Brix %
Temperature compensation function: Yes (10 ~ 75°C)
Display: Brix%
Power source: Two AAA (alkaline) batteries
Battery life: 30,000 measurements*
Dust/water resistance class: IEC529 IP65
Main unit material: ABS resin
Weight: Approx. 100g (Excluding batteries)
Dimension: 45(W)x32(D)x153(H)mm

Application/ Typical samples!
Fruits Vegetables
・Oranges・Apples・Strawberries・Grapes ・Peaches・Cherries・Grapefruits・Pineapples ・Bananas・Melons・Lemons・Tomatoes
Beverages Alcoholic beverages
・Juices・Tea・Cocoa・Sports drink ・Café au lait・Milk product・Lactic acid beverages・Carbonated drinks・Beer ・Whisky・Wine etc.
・Chocolate・Jelly・Pudding・Curry・Stew ・Soup etc.
Seasonings Sugars
・Soy sauce ・Vinegar・Rice wine・Sauce ・Isomerized sugar・Glucose sugar・Syrup ・Synthetic sweetner etc.
385.00 385.0 USD
Omnidirectional Hotwire Probe
AP3203; Omnidirectional Hotwire Probe Omnidirectional hotwire probe. Measuring range: air speed 0.05 ÷ 5 m/s, temperature 0 ÷ +80 °C. Probe stem Ø 14 mm, length 110 mm. Complete with SICRAM module. Used for PMV measurement.
640.00 640.0 USD
KEM Portable Refractometer
Type and model; RA-130 Portable Refractometer
Measuring method; Optical detection of critical angle with Na-D line
Measurement objects; Liquids such as water solution like fruit juices or soft drinks and organic solvents

Measuring range:
nD: 1.32 ~1.50
Brix: 0 ~ 85%
HFCS42: 0~76%
HFCS55: 0~80%

nD: ±0.0005
Brix: ±0.2%
HFCS42 /55: ±0.2%

nD: ±0.0001
Brix: ±0.1%
HFCS42 /55: ±0.1%

Temperature range: 10~40 degree C

Display contents:
Refractive index, Temp. comp. RI, Brix, HFCS42, HFCS55 and Temperature ( C/ F)
Sample number, Data storage, Data output, Data deletion, Battery alarm and the like

Temperature compensation: Up to 10 kinds of input for temperature compensation coefficients of measured samples and Compensation temperatures

Data storage: 1,100 measurement results

External output: Computer or printer (either, not both) can be connected
IrDA connection is standard supplied
RS232C connection requires optional RS converter for infrared (#029-0007)

Weight: Approx. 200g

Power source: DC 3V (2 x 1.5V alkaline AAA dry cells)

Battery life: 60 hours (one measurement in one minute)

Two ways selective – Dipping or Dripping method available
1,475.00 1475.0 USD
KEM Digital Sacharometer (refractometer)
KRA-121: KEM Digital Sacharometer (refractometer)
214.00 214.0 USD